Barbara Schluraff is taking a different approach to buying and selling Real Estate in Brevard County …….and people are noticing!

As highlighted in this month’s article of Space Coast Business, Barbara and her team, Brevard By The Sea Group, at CENTURY 21 Ocean, see the Real Estate world through a different lens. They’re pushing the envelope and reinventing how agents, brokers, and clients work together - creating a shift in the usual process.

Barbara is utilizing her diverse knowledge from other industries to streamline the customer experience, providing CENTURY 21 Oceans’ partners with the highest value possible.

Rather than an agent being a jack-of-all-trades, Schluraff focuses her team specifically on what each agent does best, resulting in optimal outcomes for her clients. Her process aligns people with their strengths, creating a specialty group designed to get the job done!

Building & Supporting an All-Star Real Estate Team

Brevard By the Sea Group has put together an All-Star team to implement Schluraff’s vision. Chenay Strum, CENTURY 21 Ocean’s operations director, partners with Barbara to operate the agency on the idea that happy agents and employees, results in happy clients!

In order to meet this goal, we hire the top agents, and ensure they’re happy, Chenay has focused her efforts on increasing leads and bolstering industry credibility through a variety of online channels.

Chenay has identified that building a significant online footprint, resulting in warm leads and local credibility improves an agents’ work-life balance and allows them to focus their efforts on serving clients, as opposed to searching for new ones.

Additionally, Barbara & Chenay have created a unique role titled Customer Concierge.

This role is occupied by the talented Jessie Roberts, whose main objective is ensuring clients have an extremely positive customer experience, throughout their journey with CENTURY 21 Ocean. From being a constant point of contact to a community ambassador, Jessie's role is focused on clients and their ultimate satisfaction. 

There are over 200 tasks that a real estate agent does in the course of a transaction, most of which are behind the scenes. There is something to be said about the focused power of a team. Providing a high level of customer service while managing, servicing and acquiring new business would not be possible without a team of professionals composed of Buying and Listing Specialists, Client Care Center, Administrative Assistants, Marketing Department, etc.


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Be sure to check out the March article of Space Coast Business to find out more about Barbara, Chenay, and the rest of the CENTURY 21 Ocean team.

You can also visit the CENTURY 21 Ocean website or call the team at (321)-323-1212 today, to find out how they can assist you in buying or selling your Brevard County home, apartment, or condo!