Feb. 7, 2019

CENTURY 21 Ocean | FEBRUARY 2019 | Real Estate News That Matters To You

2019's Hottest Home Decor
By Barbara Pronin

Comfort is trending for 2019, a consensus of home decorators agree, with more people seeking warm colors, intimate spaces, and a casual but sophisticated lifestyle.

Designers looking to pair physical coziness with emotional comfort forecast seven decor trends:


Scaled down furnishings - After years of favoring large furniture and open spaces, consumers are aiming for a ‘nesting’ environment and choosing smaller pieces arranged in more intimate settings.

Wall coverings - The return to traditionalism brings with it a return to wallpaper, fabric wall coverings and murals. Expect to see plenty of rich shades of green in fabric and wallpaper patterns.

Color changes - While blues and indigos have been huge in recent years, green is the new blue for 2019 and is likely to be used in everything from upholstery patterns to kitchen furnishings.

Color ‘pops’ - People are ditching beige minimalism in favor of fun colors, especially in family-friendly spaces. Yellow is the hottest color for small accent pieces–from ceramics to lamps to sofa pillows.

Warm woods and traditional styles - Antiques and even second-hand items are having their moment again, with consumers looking for skirted tables, wooden chests and other wood pieces with a sense of history.

Indoor and outdoor fireplaces - The coziness trend favors indoor fireplaces, working or not, with homey hearths as a nice spot to gather. Outdoors, fireplaces are preserving the joy of summertime barbecues.

Crafts and artisanal accents - In a world of increasing mass production, there has been a shift back to artisanal and boutique choices in pillows, wall hangings, quilts and other accent pieces all around the home. 

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Jan. 15, 2019

CENTURY 21 Ocean | JANUARY 2019 | Real Estate News That Matters To You

Becoming a Home Maintenance Pro: Tips for Homeowners
By Dixie Somers decorative image Many homeowners don't think about home maintenance until something breaks, but that's not the best way to take care of your home. Whether you’re a new homeowner or have been settled for years, it’s never too late to cultivate some home maintenance habits. Here are three tips to help you protect your investment and keep your property in good shape for years to come:

Lawn Cross Section
Photo by Roberto Nickson

Create and Follow a Home Maintenance Schedule
A good place to start is by following a home maintenance schedule. Just as your car needs to have an oil change, your home and yard will need some regular maintenance. Home maintenance schedule apps such as HomeZada and Centriq are an easy way to get yourself on track.

You'll need to mow your lawn, clean your gutters and perhaps even top your trees from time to time. For pest control, you may need to spray or have ground treatment performed a few times a year, too. When it comes to appliances, make sure to send in any warranties and follow the maintenance recommendations in your owner’s manual. For older appliances, many documents can be found online.

Don't be afraid to do some research and speak with professionals about maintenance specific to your location.

Have All of Your Home Systems Checked Regularly
It's important to get your electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems checked annually to keep them in good shape. Some of these tasks can be done yourself; for instance, you might need to clean your air filters, remove debris from the vents and flush out your water heater.

For more technical inspections, check customer reviews on Yelp, Angie's List, Google, Facebook and the BBB when searching for a new company. Always go with one that is experienced, licensed, bonded and insured.

Follow a Cleaning Schedule
Home maintenance often focuses on repair work, but keeping your home clean can be just as important. In addition to once a week tasks such as vacuuming and dusting the shelves, deep cleaning every month or so can save you big in the long run. Moving furniture around, pulling out the washer and dryer to clean behind them and clearing out the garage gives you a chance to inspect for pest problems, water damage and similar issues that can quickly escalate into expensive repairs.

Being a homeowner is very rewarding on many levels, but homeownership comes with a great deal of responsibility. As long as you put in some effort on a regular basis, you should have no problem keeping your home in good repair.

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Dec. 18, 2018

CENTURY 21 Ocean | DECEMBER 2018 | Real Estate News That Matters To You

Tips for selling your home during the holiday season 

The holidays alone give you plenty to think about, but if you’re also trying to sell your home, the obligations tied to it become another thing on top of your pile. You need to sell your home and you need to do it fast.

The tips included here can help.

Be mindful of your decorating. If you’re trying to sell your home, keep your holiday decorating to a minimum. Remember that not every prospective buyer may celebrate the same holidays you do and you certainly don’t want them to feel alienated. In addition, large amounts of decorations can leave your house feeling cluttered. You want buyers to see your home, not the clutter you’ve added to it.

Hire the right real estate agent. This tip is applicable at any time of year but it’s especially important during the holidays. A REALTOR® that will be absent during the peak of the season isn’t going to be able to help you very much. Inquire about their availability during the holidays before choosing an agent to see if it coincides with your goals.

Priced right. Proper pricing can make all the difference in selling your home quickly. You don’t want to give it away, of course, but the holidays are no time to haggle needlessly. Work with your REALTOR® to find the right pricing for your home, and when the right deal comes through, accept it and move on to enjoying your holidays

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Nov. 23, 2018

CENTURY 21 Ocean | NOVEMBER 2018

Real Estate News That Matters To You

How to sell your home fast 

No home seller enters the market hoping for a long, drawn-out sale of their home. Yet many sellers set themselves up for this eventual reality through mistakes made before their home even hits the market. To avoid this with your own home sale, here are five things you can do to sell your home fast.

Find the right REALTOR®  The right REALTOR® can help you determine the best price for your home based on the market, help your home get noticed and handle the negotiation process for you. Many potential buyers don’t want to buy a home directly from the owner and having a Realtor will help you reach them.

Price your home right — Your REALTOR® can help with this, but remember your home’s busiest days will be in the first month so don’t price your home outside of market value and miss this window. You don’t want to leave money on the table, but the right price is essential to move your home quickly.

Make small cosmetic updates From maintaining the lawn to a fresh coat of paint, a little extra work on the front end can move your home much more quickly. When buyers see your home, the last thing they should think is “more work.”

Clear the clutter —You want buyers to focus on your home, not the objects in it, so clear as much clutter as possible. The home shouldn’t be empty, but buyers shouldn’t be tripping as they navigate a tour either.

Photos count  —Great photos of your home — no nighttime pictures — are essential. Make sure your listing has them and supply new photos if it doesn’t.

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