It goes without saying that Florida’s weather is one of her most endearing and sought after qualities. It’s no wonder the Sunshine state is the envy of the nation during those bitterly cold winter months. Florida’s temperature typically ranges from mid-60s-70s during the winter months and with the seemingly year-round summer highs, there’s no shortage of Florida sunshine to enjoy.

The Sunshine State has a low cost of living and numerous industries like tourism, construction, healthcare, aerospace, and defense. Historically known as a retirement destination, Florida has recently become a popular destination for young professional families who want to take advantage of great real estate appreciation, beautiful weather year round, and a rapidly growing and diverse economy.

When you think of Florida, you think of sunshine, beaches, and great weather. The average year-round temperature in South Florida is 72’ and the state enjoys 250 days of sunshine each year. If you're an outdoor enthusiast, Florida is calling your name! Take up watersport activities such as kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding for a good workout or rent a boat for the day and explore the Intracoastal Waterway and remote sand bars. If golf or tennis is your game, many cities offer year-round courses and courts to check out. Lastly, explore the many state parks while biking or jogging through scenic nature trails.

Nature, Beaches, Space

The space coast. Florida's Space Coast has the perfect combination of the sun, the ocean, and space. The list of things to do at Florida’s Space Coast could begin with a trip to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex where Space Shuttle Atlantis is on display. Or your vacation could start with a slower pace at one of the area’s many hidden gems such as the Indialantic Boardwalk where visitors can experience authentic beach life.  Discover what makes up Florida’s Space Coast and you will learn that it is so much more than just the place for space.  

Cocoa Beach Dreams

Cocoa Beach Florida is home to some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, with year-round entertainment, and stunning sunsets every night. There are plenty of sleepy beach towns in Brevard County on the east coast of Florida. One of those hidden gems is Cocoa Beach. The weather is amazing year round and typically, Cocoa Beach's warmest months are July and August, with January being the average coolest month. The maximum average rainfall usually happens in September. The highest recorded temperature in Cocoa Beach was an unusually hot 102 degrees Fahrenheit in 1980 and the lowest recorded temperature was a very chilly 17 F in 1977.

Beaches, golf courses, art museums, and a vibrant commercial district give residents of Cocoa Beach plenty of things to do. The city’s tropical climate, lush parks, and collection of resorts and hotels draw thousands of tourists each year.  Cocoa Beach provides a large assortment of amenities, good schools, and has a population who engages in political and social activities. Cocoa Beach continues to grow in population and the Cocoa Beach Real Estate market is booming thanks to good schools, excellent health care, and beautiful beaches. 

Cocoa Beach is known for great kayaking, boating, canoeing, jet-skiing, and all other kinds of fun sports for the adventurous. Take a walk on the Cocoa Beach Pier while the sun goes down for a stunning sunset view of the beach. With the sun, the beaches and the nightlife Cocoa Beach is a perfect paradise. What more can we say – moving to Cocoa Beach is a great idea!  

Space Coast Beaches

Florida’s Space Coast is like no other. With over 72 miles of sun-bronzed Atlantic coastline, it’s incredibly diverse from north to south and has an adventure for every visitor. The north end of Florida’s Space Coast is home to the Canaveral National Seashore and pristine natural habitats, while the south is home to Sebastian Inlet State Park. The west is bordered by the St. Johns River and the east stops at the Atlantic Ocean, Orlando's closest beaches, ranging from popular and lively to private and hidden. The diversity shows through in these designated towns: Cocoa Beach, Melbourne & The Beaches, Palm Bay, Port Canaveral, Titusville, and Viera.

Playalinda Beach/ Canaveral National Seashore

Located inside the Canaveral National Seashore, Playalinda Beach has become one of the go-to beaches. Rated “Quietest Beach” by TripAdvisor and one of USA Today’s “Top Ten Florida Beaches,” this undeveloped beach offers a welcome change from some of our other beaches. If you’re looking for a little R & R then this is the place for you.

Did you also know that because this beach is tucked away, you can easily enjoy this recreational paradise with opportunities to do some backcountry camping, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, boating, and bird watching? The natural landscape and habitat of this area have the perfect aesthetics that one imagines when thinking about going to the beach, so you can understand why people from all backgrounds enjoy coming here. And if you happen to be in the area when one a rocket launch is taking place, Playalinda Beach is a prime viewing location. There is a fee to access the beach, so bring some cash.  The beachfront here is a secluded 24-mile stretch where sea and space meet. This is an undeveloped beach, without vendors or stores, so be sure to bring any supplies you may need for the day. There is a parking area with boardwalk access over the dunes.

Cherie Down Park

Centrally located between Port Canaveral and the Cocoa Beach Pier, Cherie Down Park is a perfect spot whether you’re in town prior to your cruise or if this is your Port of Call. Dappled with sand dunes and sea grasses, Cherie Down Park is a seven-acre community beach park in a neighborhood setting. If you're looking for a place for a picnic, look no further. There's a 200-foot boardwalk that winds along the dunes, and on the beach, you can take a swim, play volleyball, build a sandcastle or fish in the surf.

Sidney Fischer Park

Cocoa Beach is home to several beaches and caters to all different “beach style” preferences. From popular and action-packed, like the Cocoa Beach Pier to hidden gems like Lori Wilson Park, any beach you choose is going to be a top pick. But if you’re looking for a great spot for the whole family, then you’ll want to go to Sidney Fischer Park. This 10-acre oceanfront park is a family favorite and great place for a picnic and a swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Located conveniently across the street from a grocery store, you can pick up lunch and some snacks, eat under the shade of your umbrella or the provided pavilions and watch the kiddos enjoy building sandcastles or having fun on the playground.  The park was named after Sidney Fischer, who served as the mayor of Cocoa Beach from 1956 to 1960 and there is a parking fee, but with all the amenities like restrooms, showers, and is a great viewing spot for the occasional rocket launch, you can expect to enjoy your day at the beach.

Howard E. Futch Memorial Park at Paradise Beach

With volleyball courts ready to serve up some family fun and picnic facilities including grills for parties, and a large playground for the kids, this beach offers a beautiful natural landscape with plenty of shade, perfect for a whole day at the beach. There are large pavilions, five dune crossovers, showers, and restrooms. This beach is quiet, generous and wide, and is a favorite surfing spot for locals and with free parking, you’ll definitely want to get there early, but what better reason to make a day of beaching it up in your own little paradise?

Sebastian Inlet

For a beach that doesn’t lack in amenities, then making a trip to our southern-most beach on the Space Coast is worth the visit. Located within a gorgeous barrier island along our coast where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian River Lagoon, enjoy the day in the water with activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, or kayaking. Or maybe you would like more onshore activities like fishing, nature trail walks, or a 40-mile bike path; there really is something for everyone. And with two museums and places to eat, all you need to do is pack your camping gear or bring your RV and you can have an overnight adventure at one of our top beach picks.

Cocoa Beach Pier

This pier is a historical landmark of Florida's Space Coast, and this stretch of beaches in Cocoa Beach is famous for surfing and sunning. This is a good spot to people-watch because the beach teems with excitement. You can take a surf lesson on the gentle, consistent waves, or just watch the pros. The pier also features restaurants and shops.

Alan Shepard Park

Shepard Park is a five-acre oceanfront park named after astronaut Alan Shepard. The Cocoa Beach beach facilities here include large picnic pavilions, several smaller covered picnic areas, and a bathhouse. There's plenty of parking and many shops are within walking distance. This is another park right in the middle of the action.

Lori Wilson Park

This beach park of nearly 33 acres features a 3,155-foot boardwalk that winds through the nature hammocks. There are six dune crossovers, picnic areas, restrooms, showers, and a playground. If you're curious about area wildlife and plant life, be sure to check out this park.

Robert P. Murkshe Memorial Park

At 16th Street, this 2.5-acre beach park offers access to the ocean for surf fishing and relaxation. There is a dune crossover and a pavilion.

Seagull Park

This two-acre neighborhood park is one mile south of the Pineda Causeway. It is landscaped with native plants and provides dune crossovers for beachgoers and surf fishing. There are two sheltered picnic areas, showers, and restrooms.

Hightower Beach Park

Surfing and fishing are popular at Hightower Beach Park, a quiet two-acre neighborhood beach park located four miles south of the SR 404-Pineda Causeway.

Canova Beach Park

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Canova Beach Park is a community gathering place with 12.4 acres of warm, soft sand and a xeriscape garden with native plants. It features a pavilion, grills, picnic areas, three dune crossovers, showers, and restrooms.


Indialantic is a sleepy town of 3,800, where you can ride the waves or just kick back on the peaceful shores.  You can find beach access at most of the street ends, but if you want a beach with facilities, try James H. Nance Park: it boasts picnic areas, showers, and restrooms.

Spessard Holland North and South Beach Parks

The north park is slightly more than 4½ acres of beautiful beach park. This park has three dune crossovers, three boardwalk pavilions, showers, and restrooms. The south park features another seven acres of beach. With seasonal lifeguards, it's another popular family park with a 150-foot boardwalk and raised picnic areas. There are two pavilions, six dune crossovers, showers, and restrooms. Fishing is popular here with the locals.

Coconut Point Park

Coconut Point Park has 36 acres of beachfront beauty. It's a popular sea turtle nesting site, and perfect for beachcombing, surfing and surf fishing. There are two dune crossovers, a small pavilion, showers, and restrooms.

Bonsteel Park

Known for great surfing and shoreline fishing, this peaceful two-acre community beach park is just the place to steal away for a quiet afternoon.

More Florida Fun on the Space Coast

The Space Coast has numerous natural activities such as beach and mainland parks for recreation including hiking, surfing, and fishing.  Be inspired by the arts scene with venues big and small showcasing artworks of all kinds, dance and theatre productions, and music. When you consider moving to Florida, take into account that the gorgeous sub-tropic weather means there is ample opportunity year-round for parties, festivals, fairs, farmer’s markets, parades, weddings, receptions, and various other outdoor events. Discover these gorgeous hidden gems of the Space Coast with plenty of space for your beach chair. 

Dream Homes on The Space Coast

According to the Brevard MLS, Florida’s Space Coast housing market is booming. If you’ve ever been considering moving to the Space Coast of Florida, now might be the time to pull the trigger and contact a Cocoa Beach Realtor. New homes are popping up all over Cocoa Beach and Brevard County.

While some may be a little pricy depending on your budget, the Sunshine State has options available for everyone in every price range. If that Cocoa Beach home is a bit out of reach, there are plenty of new Brevard County homes and Cocoa Beach condos for sale, that will fit any budget and lifestyle. Regardless of your dream home contact a professional Real Estate agent in Cocoa Beach, Fl.

Cost of Living

Florida’s median home value is $206,476, which is slightly higher than the national average of $188,900. The cost of living in the state varies from community to community. Some coastal communities are more expensive than the rest of the state, while some beachfront towns are surprisingly affordable including Cocoa Beach. Florida’s residents are from all walks of life. Some are lifelong natives born and raised in Florida, while others stopped here for a quick vacation and loved it so much they decided to stay. From northern snowbirds to surfers, artists, students, to hardworking families, the Sunshine State is full of friendly locals who move at their own pace and are always happy to welcome new neighbors.

World Class Dining

When it comes to food, The Space Coast of Florida has the advantage of sun-drenched local produce and access to the latest fresh catch from the Atlantic Ocean. The Space Coast’s food game is a serious contender for resident foodies and culinarily curious travelers alike. Because the culinary competition in Florida is heavily influenced by travelers and tourism, Cocoa Beach residents benefit from resort-worthy dining year-round. More organizations in Florida are leveraging slower dining seasons by giving locals an opportunity to dine at high-end restaurants for a discount. This is commonly referred to as “Restaurant Week.”

There's No State Income Tax!

Florida has zero state income tax and tax rates for real estate sales and property taxes are relatively low compared to the national average. These factors make life in the Sunshine State extremely affordable. It won’t be long before you are moving into that Cocoa Beach oceanfront dream home.

Florida Colleges & Universities

Some of Florida’s best universities include the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida State University in Tallahassee, the University of Central Florida in Orlando, and the University of Miami. Florida's sunny climate makes for a vibrant college experience and the low in-state tuition options for public school attendees to help attract a great selection of students. 

International Entertainment Hub

As an international tourist hub, Florida is home to a diverse range of cultures. It’s apparent in the variety of fresh cuisine available, the various cultural festivals throughout the year, and even the museums and performing arts centers, have diverse exhibits and performances. If you’ve wanted to travel the world, why not think about moving to Florida instead. The culture is just as abundant, and the sun is always shining.

Your Slice of Heaven Awaits You on The Space Coast

Find your own Cocoa Beach Realtor that will deliver honest, ethical and trustworthy real estate advice.  While guiding you through the entire real estate process, holding your best interests in the highest regard and creating customers for life. Buy your own piece of paradise in Cocoa Beach today!